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The Great Depression brought hard times that perfected America’s strength. World War II put that power to the test.

Two hometown friends face the war in the Pacific, proving their mettle in treacherous waters, battling drudgery, kamikazes, and the divisions of race.

The girls they left behind face their own struggles on the home front, doing what they can to pull their community together and help win the war overseas.

Set around California beach patrols and South Pacific transport duties, both inspired by his father’s World War II service, Coyle exposes the warmth and the hurt of friendships in wartime and the healing power of a community working for victory and waiting for their boys to come home.

This extraordinary tale, set in the ordinary routine of patrol and shipboard life, brings us back to an America united in purpose, even as it was separated by distance
and race. It is a story not to be missed.

This stunning sequel to Bruce Coyle's earlier novel, The Glory Road, finds two best friends, Justin Coulter and Wiley Travers, on active duty during World War II. Heading towards the South Pacific onboard the USS Mintaka, the two young men experience the full spectrum of wartime involvement at sea, ranging from inevitable periods of boredom and inactivity to full blown violence and terror.

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Direct from Finns Way:

Mr. Coyle's work and Far From Glory impressed me like no other independently published novel right from the start. Based on his father's service on the California Coast and aboard the Mintaka freighter in the South Seas during the fight with Japan, the historical accuracy and detail of this novel increase its depth.
I found myself right there with Justin and Wiley, both 19-year olds, during the drudgery of duty, the excitement of travel, and the sweetness of new relationships and reunions. This book provides a personal window into World War II in the Pacific and into the hearts of Americans united in purpose and spirit. How refreshing!Type your paragraph here.