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OBSERVATION HILL - Labor tension though the early 20th century in Duluth, Minnesota was high, fueled by influx of workers from egalitarian Scandinavia. The post World War II fight was settled in the workers' favor. As the century moved on though conditions changed.

Observation Hill,

a novel of class and murder

Class struggle in Observation Hill erupts inside police detective, Paul Tuomi, as he investigates the deaths of an heiress from the patrician East End and an underclass teen in the laboring West End. When police resources shift to the eastern end of town, leaving a cloud of suspicion on the young man's passing, Paul is told to back off but, instead, doubles his effort to clear the youth's name.

Out east, with pressure from the press and the powerful to arrest the black sheep of the heiress's family, Paul is pushed to disregard eye-witness fact and bring to heel his West End sensibilities or face demotion on his job, the end of his marriage, and the loss of his long-time lover.


Duluth native Tim Jollymore's new thriller has exquisite sense of place

By Mary Ann Grossmann (St. Paul Pioneer Press)
Posted: 08/22/2015 10:26:44 AM CDT
Updated: 08/22/2015 10:26:52 AM CDT

Duluth native Tim Jollymore, author of "Listener in the Snow," signs copies of "Observation Hill," his new, fast-paced thriller that explores class differences in the city by the lake.

With an exquisite sense of place (beginning writers should read this book to understand that term), Jollymore tells the story of Detective Paul Tuomi, caught between the West Side where in the 1960s workers risked death in steel mills controlled by wealthy industrialists on the East Side. Tuomi's heart is in the West, where his connections put his job in the East in jeopardy as he follows his instincts and pursues the trail of a spoiled teen son of a privileged East Side family.
The murder at the center of the story was influenced by the Elizabeth Congdon murder at Glensheen.