Direct from Finns Way:

Twenty-four years have passed since the murdered girl was buried. The classmate who confessed to the stabbing is doing time. The families moved out of town. All over? Case closed? Justice done? Not so fast.

As they converge on their California high school's 100th annivesary celebration, cryptic notes unsettle members of the “Class of '67.” Some begin to question what they thought they knew.

Could the convicted Doug Brandling have confessed to murder to cover for someone else? Does his accuser, Elizabeth, really think she got it right? Is Finn, her lover of the time, certain he's done with Liz? Can old Snub Randall, teacher of the year, live down his rep for hanky-panky? Is Monsignor Phelan losing his marbles as well as his altar boys? Might Farley Pike, the lip-flapping, sissified-teacher, survive the advent of Elizabeth? Will a murderer strike again during the Santa Reina High Centennial? Is it possible for Elizabeth to keep her pants on?

Satire, angst, ego, and surprise draw the reader through the three-day féte and lives touched by murder. In Santa Reina, it turns out, everyone has something to confess.


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